Putting it out there.

Leap and the net will appear              
                            - John Burroughs

Sharing my art publicly was a terrifying process for me.  While creating for myself has been something that brought immense happiness, it was private and safe.  It was something I could do at my leisure, at my own pace and matched only against my own expectations.  Putting it out there meant I was telling the world that I felt brave enough to know the technical aspect of photography & that I felt my work could compete with other photographers work that made me swoon.  My introversion screamed, but quietly, I put it out there.

One year later, looking at the small screen on the back of my Pentax still holds the same amount of suspense.  The difference is now I know enough to trust the magic.  That a simple moment between two people can be captured with a spark, a sideways glance at the lens can tell the same level of detail as an entire novel and the everyday moments deserve their moment to shine. 

Working with other creatives has awoken something in me I didn't know I was craving, and something I'm committed to doing more for myself.  2017 has already given me big promises of collaborations and adventures in new destinations for clients who believe in my art.

With arms wide open, soaring off another ledge, knowing that safety net will appear again, I can't wait to discover what else 2017 has in store for me creatively.