photo taken by the incredibly talented + exceptionally lovely Jane’s Wild Heart

Creativity is about two things: the way we think, and the way we turn those thoughts into reality
— David duChemin

Hey, I’m Jenna.

A self proclaimed observer, a giant book nerd and a textbook introvert - taking photos is my way of translating the world around me.  It's only become clear to me in the last few years, that the way I see the things around me - the people + details - can be completely different from the person standing next to me.  

A knowledge seeker, an analytical thinker, a lover of handwritten notes - a woman who loves to let the pieces come together on their own - I've realized that I'm someone who's bound to do it differently.  I'm a believer in fate, that the dots don't connect until you are looking back, and someone who can be nostalgic for the way things used to be, in the way it makes me grateful for what is.  I love asking questions as a way to let people step into their own, to mirror back to them what the world already knows - that you hold a magic that's unique to you. 

I stumbled into the world of photography through the experimentation of trying to find the way I wanted to define myself beyond a career title or the roles I played in my life. I’m still learning to let go, but i do believe that when you leap, the world will catch you.

Making my home on the west coast of Canada, I'm partial to outdoor shoots - where we're all barefoot in the trees, next to water and letting the elements dictate our session.  A storyteller, an intuitive - I'm learning to let it unfold the way it wants to, rather than trying to predict the outcome.