Wild + Open Hearted Sessions.

Sessions start at $400 and are tailored individually to each unique client.

I want to know about you, about what makes you come alive and where you feel most like yourself. To allow you this one indulgence, of sinking back into your story, even if just for one afternoon. These sessions require trust - trust that you are enough just as you are and knowing your story’s going to unfold exactly as it’s meant to. These sessions require some deep diving on your part to explore themes + symbolism - I’m ready, are you?

Brands + Creative Collaborations.

Creative branding concept shoots start at $500.

I’m not looking for clients, I’m looking for creative relationships. Where we can explore ideas, build out concepts and work off each other’s feedback. My goal with each brand and creative collaboration is to build upon our initial consult and work at building the layers of what radiates from you. Let’s build out the intention of your brand and let what you believe shine through over more than just one session.