How do I book and confirm a date?

Shoot me an email, or use my contact page here on the website to get in touch.  Depending on your styel of session, I’ll be sending over a questionnaire of sorts to make sure I’m the right photographer for you. A signed contract and 50% of your payment must be paid - and boom, that's it, you're in - date confirmed. 

How far in advance should I be contacting you for my event?

While I've got some flexibility in my schedule & if we align, I'm going to do my best to accommodate you - it's best you reach out as soon as possible to make sure I can book your creative idea and hold the date for you. .  

What if I have to change the confirmed date of my photos?

When can I expect to get my pictures?


Do you print my pictures for me?

Life happens & I do my best to accommodate changes whenever possible.  Communication will our best strategy as we work together - so the sooner you can reach out & let me know, the better it is for all of us & the more likely I can find some time in my schedule.  Please know I do charge a re-booking fee for each schedule change.  

I try to get each session back to you in 6 - 8 weeks.  Keep an eye on my social media though for sneak peeks as I'm always squealing about my clients fun ideas and how excited I am about what we created together. 


I can certainly help you get some gorgeous paper prints, order up some custom wood frames, or help you build a book to capture your day for an additional cost to the basic packages listed. 

With your selection package, you'll receive digital copies of your photos - they are yours to do as your please with 'em - store them on your computer, plaster them all over social media (tag me! I love seeing your adorable faces each time I sign in) or use them as branding on your website. 

What should I wear?  

Honestly, whatever makes you feel comfortable. 

Please try not to match, but coordinating outfits are great - complimentary colors, patterns & textures makes for a cohesive look.  It's a good idea to avoid big logos or writing as they tend to distract a person's eye.  Ladies - my guess is you've seen those photos of the women twirling and throwing her dress in the air.  You'll want to consider how much movement there is in the fabric of your dress if were going to make your own movement memories.


How long does the session take?

Typically my lifestyle or creative collaborations take 1 - 1.5 hours.  If there's little ones involved, we try to get it done in under an hour, to keep everyone happy (but bringing along things to entertain the kids, including snacks and drinks never hurts).  I don't give a lot of direction during my shoots - what I'm looking to capture is you having an experience.  We'll discuss all the details up front when we meet/finalize the contract, but we can include as many locations, outfit changes and ideas as time will permit.  The important part is you're out there having fun & taking in how special it is to be there in that moment!

What's the session going to be like?

Really, that's up for us to decide - it can be whatever you like.  The reason I have a coffee before our shoot and get you to sign a contract is so that we're both clear on what to expect & what the day will look like.  If you're curious to know what others have said about their sessions, please head over to my "What others are saying" page.